Truffels Van rallo

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Truffels van Rallo

Truffels val Rallo this is a family business, and each of the families contributes to the development and prosperity. We have prescribed to conduct business in such a way as to pass on its version of the generation.

Stone Oak

Stone oak plantations require careful care for decades, they allow you to create a special microclimate for quality truffles&

Jay Peters

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive”

Masía Mas de Rallo

Built 400 years ago, the house retains its traditions and secrets. Its owners have been cultivating the land for hundreds of years and turning the

rock into a fertile oasis.

Endless expanses

The area of the estate is 70 hectares, which allows you to create a special microclimate. Plantations of truffles are irrigated with the purest mountain water, only natural methods are used in their processing.



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A team of professionals is engaged in the search for truffles, their skills have been honed for generations

We use truffle hunting dogs, they find the most delicious truffles for you.

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