Truffels Van rallo

Black Truffles from the Heart of the Masía.

Truffels van Rallo

Masía Mas de Rallo: A Century-Old Farm Turned Truffle Paradise

Masía mas de Rallo is a 4 centuries-old masia, or farmhouse, located in the heart of the Teruel truffle region. The masía has been used for a variety of purposes over the years, including farming, livestock raising, and winemaking.

In recent years, the masía has been converted into a black truffle farm. Black truffles are a highly prized delicacy, and they are in high demand in the culinary world. The masía's location in the perfect climate and soil conditions makes it ideal for growing black truffles.

Masía mas de Rallo

Masía mas de Rallo is a unique and special place. It is a living reminder of the Teruel countryside's rich history, and it is also a thriving truffle farm that is producing some of the finest black truffles in the world.

The Stone Oak Tree

The stone oak tree is the perfect host for black truffles. The tree's

roots provide the truffles with the nutrients they need to grow, and the

tree's canopy helps to protect the truffles from the sun and the


Masía Mas de Rallo

Built 400 years ago, the house retains its traditions and secrets. Its owners have been cultivating the land for hundreds of years and turning the

rock into a fertile oasis.

Endless expanses

The area of the estate is 70 hectares, which allows it to create a special microclimate. Plantations of truffles are irrigated with the purest mountain water, only natural methods are used in their processing.

From Farm to Table: The Journey of the Truffle

The truffle farm is run by a team of experienced truffle growers who use traditional methods to cultivate the truffles. The truffles are harvested in the fall. They are found by specially trained dogs, who can sniff out the truffles' distinctive aroma. The truffles are then cleaned and packaged, and they are ready to be sold to restaurants and retailers all over the world.

Trufa de Teruel:

Teruel is one of the world's leading producers of truffles. These black

truffles have a strong, earthy flavor and are often used in sauces,

soups, and risottos.

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